Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Spiderman : the Next Chapter

while waiting for the German vs Sweden match...i kinda thing..what will happen..or who will be the next villian for Spiderman franchise...so i scribble for ,,i think...the villian that should appear in Spiderman 4,5,6....this happened/ idea came before the Spidey teaser trailer hit the web..

if u really are really true fan of spiderman..tell me the name of the characters below...


Norman said...

Have you seen the spiderman trailer at apple.com yet? Awesome.

Planning to submit Satria Alam 01 next week. I hope Faiz hangs on!

Oh, yeah. Having some free time I added an entry in my blog about your comment mentioning Jack Kirby here:

Kalamtimur said...

the Birdman's character reminds me the Perkasa comic drawn by the Allahyarham Nik Nordin.

Lazyman, oh yeah. Satria Alam 01 almost ready to be submitted. Great!

Yusrizal Yusof said...

Hmmm...I don't really remember all the superjahats' name, but I love Gwen Stacy...I just love girls...aaaooooo

azhar said...

lazyman>i've seen the trailer..it was AWESOME..the whole trilogy was Great..

Waaa..Satria Alam dah nak sipa!!! cayalah..jelus aku tgk Faiz buat inking.

Birdman tu sama cam komik Arwah ke?...wa kena carik nih..

eee...gatal la abe Yus